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Suzhou maswell communication technology co.Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as "Maswell") is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the fields of electronics and electromagnetism,a high-tech innovative enterprise in integrating hardware system development and software system services.Maswell has been awarded the highly selective National High-tech Enterprise, Private-owned High-Tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province due to its innovative R & D contribution in the wireless communication industry.Additionally, Maswell is the recipient of the prestigious Gusu Entrepreneurship Leadership Grant Program and Pioneer Entrepreneurship Talent Program of Suzhou High-tech District.It’s Business includes but not limited to radio frequency microwave simulation test solutions, radar system application solutions,electronic information application system solutions,high-power microwave simulation test solutions,complex electromagnetic environment and three-dimensional scene simulation solutions, etc..We are committed to serving our military research institutes in aerospace, aviation, shipping, electronics, vehicles, communications, etc., providing customers with advanced R&D design, test verification products and customized development consulting services to help customers improve R&D strength and reduce R&D costs , shorten the research and development cycle, so as to lead the opponent in the market competition.

Maswell was founded in Suzhou High-tech Zone by a colleague of domestic scholars in the field of radio frequency and wireless communication convened by a doctor who returned from abroad and is a high-growth, high-quality outstanding enterprise in the field of communication and radio frequency. All the founding teams of Maswell have a Ph.D. and the business has always focused on the development and accumulation of communication signal processing technology and radio frequency terminal technology. All the products of Maswell have passed IS09001 international quality management system certification, EU CE and ROHS certification.

Maswell has successively established warehouses and offshore fiscal and taxation branches with partners in the United Kingdom and the United States to ensure that it can serve customers in Europe, North America and domestic at the same level. It has greatly shortened the time and space distance between the product and global customers, and has also made a solid step in the international marketing of Maswell products.

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