Maswell Patent “An Omni-directional Angle Adjustable Planar 5G Low-frequency and Millimeter-wave Dual-band Antenna” granted

Release time:2022/05/25

Recently, Maswell successfully been granted the invention model patent " An Omni-directional Angle Adjustable Planar 5G Low-frequency and Millimeter-wave Dual-band Antenna ". The technology mainly focuses on combining the cutting edge mmwave antenna development into the emerging low frequency 5G bands, which enable the future communication system to obtain signals in both spectrum bands.
Maswell has a strong standing in the field of antennas development. Continuous research and development into the antenna and arrays in the emerging 5G and mmwave technologies, equipped Maswell’s design database with various antenna radiators, rugged antenna radome and wide bandwidth arrays. Maswell will continuously make technical contributions in antenna development for various customer applications around the globe.

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