Maswell's AN.AG50.4Cell.6000.40 Antenna Series Passed IP66 Waterproof Rating Under EU Standard EN 60529

Release time:2023/08/18

Recently, Maswell AN.AG50.4Cell.6000.40 antenna series passed the IP66 grade waterproof test under the EU standard EN 60529:1991+A1:2000+A2:2013+AC:2019 as well as the Chinese national standard GB/T4208-2017.
The AN.AG50.4Cell.6000.40 antenna series possess excellent waterproof capabilities. Under EN60529 settings, the antenna product undergoes powerful water gun under specific pressure. And no water enters the radome of the antenna product after continuous heavy water exposures from all dimensions. Additionally, when placed in dusty environments, the antenna's radome remains intact, effectively preventing dust infiltration. Hence, the AN.AG50.4Cell.6000.40 antenna series provide high-quality 5G/4G LTE communication connectivity in harsh conditions such as dust, humidity, heavy rain, or even snow.
The high standard IP66 dustproof and waterproof product demonstrates the strong R&D capabilities and high standard production quality control protocol of Maswell teams. 

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