Maswell won the highest financial support from the pioneering talents of Suzhou high tech Zone

Release time:2020/03/12

Not long ago, the application for the second batch of Innovative and entrepreneurial Leading talents plan of High-tech Zone  in 2019 was concluded. Maswell Communication Technology Co. Ltd won the highest funding for the second batch of Entrepreneurial leading talents project in High-tech Zone  in 2019.

In order to further implement the innovation-driven strategy and the strategy of strong regions for talents, high-end industries should be developed.To create a high-level demonstration zone for innovation-led development;In August 2019, the Bureau of Science and Technology Innovation of Suzhou High-tech Zone held the 2019 second batch of Gusu Leading talents Application special tutorial meeting, attended by representatives of many enterprises, carriers and professionals of science and technology in the sector.In October 2019, the project "Development and Industrialization of 5G Terminal Antenna" submitted by Suzhou Maswell Communication Technology Co. Ltd was successfully funded by the highest level of entrepreneurship talent project in the High-tech Zone after strict project mapping, qualification preliminary examination, centralized guidance, on-site visit and other work of the District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau.
Maswell Communication Technology Co. Ltd was selected as the 2019 Leading Talent Program, which is a high recognition of its potential in innovation and entrepreneurship.
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