Market overview

Release time:2019/10/19

company information:
Phone: 0512-68385071
Address: Floor 3, Building 6, No. 88 Zhenbei Road, Tong'an Town, High-tech Zone, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Company market structure
The company's main business includes but is not limited to antennas and radio transmission equipment; RF microwave simulation test solutions; radar system application solutions; electronic information application system solutions; high-power microwave simulation test solutions; complex electromagnetic environment and 3D scene simulation solutions Programs, etc.
Maswell wholeheartedly provides customers with advanced R & D design, test and verification products and customized development consulting services to help customers improve R & D strength, reduce R & D costs, and shorten R & D cycles, thereby occupying a place in domestic and foreign market competition.
In order to facilitate the business transactions between customers at home and abroad, Maswell has completed relevant bank account registration and relevant VAT / GST registration in important markets around the world. Welcome businessmen from all over the world to do business with Maswell!
United Kingdom:
Maswell has UK VAT registration and has UK bank account. Established European automated warehouse base with partners

United States:
Maswell has a U.S. bank account and has actually completed GST registration. It is planning to build a North American automated warehouse base with partners.

Maswell and its partners have built a regional marketing center and an automated warehouse base to facilitate related customers to conduct business transactions.
Suzhou, Jiangsu:
Maswell Headquarters, R & D and Marketing Center

Jiaxing, Zhejiang:
Maswell Manufacturing Base
Wuhan, Hubei:
Maswell Regional R & D Center
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