1、 Introduction
Maswell Microwave Chip Antenna series are designed to be used
in WLAN、WiFi、Bluetooth、
PHS applications. All the models are of compact size and are engi
neered for SMD chip design.
5020 Foot Print ( Unit:mm)

3、Evaluation Board and Matching Circuits 5020 Foot Print

3.1 Type 1

3.2 Type 2

3.3 Type 3

4、Electrical Characteristics
5、Return Loss
Reference for frequency tuning element
6、Radiation Patterns

7、Packaging and Dimensions
Remarks for Package:
Reserve a length of 150~200mm for the trailer of the carrier and
250~300 mm for the leader of the carrier and further 250mm of cover
tape at the leading part of the carrier.
Storage Period:
Oxidizable, 60 months in vacuum sealed bag . Material, please repack
within 168 hours by re-seal the package treatment after use them.
Storage Temperature Range : <30 degree C, Humidity : <60%RH

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