Item Specifications
Antenna1 Center Frequency 600-8000MHz
Polarization Linear (+45°)
Gain 6.9dBi
V.S.W.R <2.0
Impendance 50Ω
Isolation 15dB
Antenna2 Center Frequency 600-8000MHz
Polarization Linear (-45°)
Gain 7.5dBi
V.S.W.R <2.0
Impendance 50Ω
Isolation 15dB
Mechanical Dimension 22cm*22cm*4.5cm
Weight 1380g
Cable Customizable
Connector SMA or others
Mounting Method U bolt /Screw
Environmental Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Waterproof   IP67
UV stabilized: YES
Vibration 10 to 55Hz with 1.5mm amplitude  2hours
Environmentally Friendly ROHS Compliant

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