Maswell 5 combo 5G MIMO 700-3800MHz,GNSS High-precision Combination Antenna

Release time:2023/06/09

Maswell has launched 5G, GNSS five-in-one combination antenna including 4X4 MIMO 5G antenna with a frequency range of 700-3800MHz and a gain up to 4dBi. The high precision GNSS antenna of the antenna supports all precision tracking bands from GPS, GLONASS, GAILEO, COMPASS four satellites, with a gain of 5.5dBic. The radome of the antenna is made of PC 540 UV stabilized. The high quality PC material is fire retardant for vehicular and railway passenger applications. 
Figure 1. Product Diagram

Product Parameters of AN.4MIMO.700.3800.4C.1GNSS:
  Item Specifications
Antenna1: 5G Frequency Range  700-3800MHz 
Polarization Linear
Gain  4dBi (typically)
V.S.W.R <3
Efficiency >50%
Antenna 2: 5G Frequency Range 700-3800MHz 
Polarization Linear
Gain 4dBi (typically)
V.S.W.R <3
Efficiency >50%
Antenna 3: 5G Frequency Range 700-3800MHz  
Polarization Linear
Gain 4dBi (typically)
V.S.W.R <3
Efficiency >50%
Antenna 4: 5G Frequency Range 700-3800MHz 
Polarization Linear
Gain 4dBi (typically)
V.S.W.R <3
Efficiency >50%
Antenna 5: GNSS  Frequency Range GPS L1 / L2 / L5 
COMPASS B1 / B2 / B3
Galileo E1 / L1 / E2 / E5a / E5b / E6
Polarization RHCP
Axial Ratio ≤3dB
V.S.W.R ≤1.5
Peak Gain ≥5.5dBi
Impedance 50Ω
Phase Center Offset  ±2mm
Horizontal Orientation 360˚
Dimension 190mm *183mm*22.7mm
Radome  UV Stabilized PC
Connector Type SMA or others
Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Relative Humidity Up to 95%
10 to 55Hz with 1.5mm amplitude 2hours
Ingress Protection
IP67(exclude cable outlet)
Environmentally Friendly ROHS Compliant
Applications of AN.4MIMO.700.3800.4C.1GNSS:
· Industrial control
· Smart Appliance Antenna
· Industrial Routing Equipment
· IoT Devices
· Electronic Billboard
· CPE Equipment
 · Vehicular applications
· Railway Equipment


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